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Day Case Rhinoplasty
  1. Maj GK Banfield, DLO FRCS(Ed)RAMC1,
  2. D McKiernan, FRCS1 and
  3. AE Hinton, FRCS1
  1. 1Department of ENT St George’s Hospital Blackshaw Road London SW17 0QT


Rhinoplasty is considered by many to be an inpatient surgical procedure. This may be because the operation is thought to be traumatic with a risk of epistaxis and periorbital haematoma. Since 1992 rhinoplasty surgery at St George’s hospital has been routinely performed on a planned day case basis. The hospital records of 97 patients were examined of which 17 patients (18%) underwent planned admission and 12 (12%) unplanned admission. No patients were re-admitted to hospital after discharge. With the advances in day case surgical practice within the UK we consider that the practice of day case rhinoplasty is likely to have its place. Such surgery should ideally be performed in a dedicated day case unit and provision for admission overnight should be available.

  • Day Case
  • Rhinoplasty

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