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Simultaneous Presentation Of Both True And False Aneurysm In The Infrarenal Aorta
  1. Lt M Townend, MB BS RAMC, House Surgeon1,
  2. Dr A Keightley, MRCP FRCR, Consultant Radiologist1 and
  3. Lt Col B A Price, MD MS FRCS (Ed) FRCS RAMC, Consultant Vascular Surgeon1,2
  1. 1Departments of Vascular Surgery and Radiology, Ministry of Defence Hospital Unit, Frimley Park, Camberley, Surrey GU16 5UJ.
  2. 2Barriep{at}


Interventional radiology has resulted in a reduced need for bypass procedures for aorto-occlusive disease. However, there are still indications for surgery of this type, which carries with it a small but significant morbidity and mortality. False aneurysms are well described following such procedures but with the development of inert, strong and non-absorbable materials they are becoming less common. This paper describes the acute presentation of a false aneurysm of the aorta following an aorto-iliac bypass where true aneurysmal change had taken place in the area of the anastomosis.

  • Aorta
  • False Aneurysm
  • True Aneurysm

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