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Malaria remains a military medical problem
  1. Col MJ World, BSc MD FRCP L/RAMC, Professor1
  1. 1Military Medicine Royal Defence Medical College, Gosport, Hampshire, P012 2AB DrMikeWorld{at}


Objective To bring military medical problems concerning malaria to the attention of the Defence Medical Services.

Method Seven military medical problems related to malaria are illustrated by cases referred for secondary assessment over the past five years. Each is discussed in relation to published data.

Results The cases of failure of various kinds of chemoprophylaxis, diagnosis and treatment of malaria may represent just a fraction of the magnitude of the overall problem but in the absence of reliable published military medical statistics concerning malaria cases, the situation is unclear.

Conclusion Present experience suggests there are a number of persisting problems affecting the military population in relation to malaria. Only publication of reliable statistics will define their magnitude. Interim remedies are proposed whose cost-effectiveness remains to be established.

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