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A Field Mental Health Team In The General Support Medical Setting
  1. Maj PD McAllister, BSc(hons) MB BS MRCPsych RAMC, Armed Forces Specialist Registrar in Psychiatry1,
  2. Capt S P R Blair, QARANC, Mental Health Nurse RAF Wegberg and
  3. WO2 Steven Philpott, QARANC, Community Mental Health Nurse DKPH
  1. 1Duchess of Kent’s Psychiatric Hospital, Horne Road, Catterick Garrison, DL9 4DF petemcal{at}


The recent conflict in the Gulf saw the large-scale deployment of Field Mental Health Teams (FMHT), in support of 1 UK Division and its constituent brigades. This article describes the activities and findings from a FMHT deployed alongside a General Support Medical Regiment covering the divisional rear area.

The rate of psychiatric casualties was much lower than anticipated, but the expected bias towards less experienced personnel and reservists was noted.

The article covers all stages of the operation from pre-deployment training, reception, staging and onward integration, operations, redeployment and homecoming, describing the core activities of the FMHT at each stage.

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