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The Alcohol Hangover And Its Potential Impact On The UK Armed Forces: A review Of The Literature On Post-alcohol Impairment
  1. Lt Col CT Barker, MB BS MRCPsych ILTM RAMC, Specialist Registrar Adult Psychiatry1
  1. 1MHHU Wegberg BFHC BFPO 40 ctp{at}


Objective To raise awareness within the Defence Medical Services regarding the potential effect of post-alcohol impairment / alcohol hangover.

Method Literature relating to post-alcohol impairment / alcohol hangover, and the evidence for impairment is reviewed, with discussion relating to UK Armed Forces.

Conclusion The evidence for performance impairment during alcohol hangover is not conclusive. Until further evidence is available policy should acknowledge the potential for impaired functioning, particularly the morning after a heavy drinking session, and even when blood alcohol has returned to zero. Recommendations for clinical practice and areas for further research are presented.

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