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Training Injuries – How Clinicians Can Help Commanders Avoid Them
  1. Col R F Cordell, MRCGP AFOM DipIMC L/RAMC, Regional Clinical Director1
  1. 1Wessex Region, Army Primary Healthcare Service, Building 71, Delhi Barracks, Tidworth SP9 7AE rcdwessex{at}


The aim of this paper is to reflect on the proceedings of three training injuries symposia run by the British Army’s training organization from 2001 to 2003. The essence of the presentations are reproduced, highlighting the role of medical staff in advising commanders on how injuries might be prevented. The importance of placing the emphasis on prevention rather than rehabilitation as a means of reducing the impact of training injuries is first examined. Pre-employment medical selection standards, the design of training courses, nutrition, smoking, training injuries among women, heat injury and the psycho-social environment are then all reviewed. Finally, the outcome of workshop discussion groups are presented as practical guidance for medical officers and other clinicians, advising commanders on how training injuries amongst their personnel might be minimised.

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