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EX SAIF SEREEA II - The Field Hospital Clinical Report
  1. Lt Col MCM Bricknell, DM MMedSci MRCGP MFOM MFPHM DMCC DRCOG RAMC, Chief Medical Officer1,* and
  2. Lt Col LA Wright, QARANC, SO1 Nursing2
  1. 1Headquarters United Kingdom Support Command (Germany) British Forces Post Office 140 starlight18{at}
  2. 2Headquarters Medical Group Imphal Barracks, Fulford Road, York YO10 4HD


This paper places on record the clinical activity of the hospital facilities run by 22 Field Hospital on Exercise SAIF SEREEA II in Oman from August to November 2001. There were 1322 episodes of illness resulting in a hospital admission. The mean rate of admission was 1.96 patients per thousand per day (SD 13.62). The main causes of admission were gastrointestinal illness, conditions related to the heat and injuries. The reporting of health service utilisation data is an important duty of medical personnel during overseas deployments in order to add to the dataset available for the estimation of medical workload for future operations.

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