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Pertussis - A Case Finding Study Amongst Returnees from OP Herrick
  1. N K Cooper1,,
  2. MCM Bricknell2,
  3. GR Holden1 and
  4. Captain C McWilliam, ARRC RN(A) QARANC1
  1. 1HQ BFG Health Service, BFPO 40
  1. SO3 Health, HQ BFG Health Service BFPO 40 address catherine.mcwilliam259{at}


We present a case finding study of serologically confirmed Pertussis amongst BFG-based returnees from Op HERRICK. The role of Pertussis in the aetiology of the commonplace “Kabul Cough” is discussed. It is recommended that enhanced health surveillance for Pertussis takes place both during and after future deployments to Afghanistan, to prevent the potential onward transmission of a potentially fatal illness to unimmunised children.

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