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BATLS/BARTS/BBTLS Training for Swedish Armed Forces Medical Personnel – A Ten Year Retrospective Study
  1. Wg Cdr Lars Lundberg1,
  2. Å Molde2 and
  3. E Dalenius3
  1. 1Swedish Armed Forces Centre for Defence Medicine, Göteborg, Box 5155, 426 05 Västra Frölunda, SWEDEN +46 706 21 28 76 +46 31 69 27 41 lars.lundberg{at}
  2. 2National Board of Health and Welfare, Stockholm, Sweden
  3. 3[Retired] Karlstad, Sweden


Objective The British BATLS/BARTS concept was introduced in Sweden in 1998. Perceived changes within the student group, regarding purposes for taking the course and previous trauma training were the subject of the study.

Methods Records from all Swedish courses during 1998-2007 were examined and analyzed.

Results In all, 61 courses with a total of 1254 students were conducted. Among the participants were 295 doctors, 764 nurses, 176 medical orderlies and 19 belonging to other categories. The course has by time become a pre-mission course. Also, a large number of the students now have previous (often civilian) trauma life support training.

Conclusion When the British BATLS/BARTS concept was introduced in Sweden ten years ago, the general level of trauma training among medical personnel was inadequate for the wartime needs of the Armed Forces. Today, the majority of individuals selected for international service already have previous trauma life support training. This has led to the courses now being aimed mainly at improving their knowledge of the tactical medical skills particular to the environment in which they will serve.

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