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Body Contouring Surgery for Military Personnel Following Massive Weight Loss
  1. SJ Chong, Navy Medical Service1,2,
  2. Yee Onn Kok, MBBS1 and
  3. CL Foo1
  1. 1Departmentof Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, Singapore General Hospital, Outram Road, Singapore 169608 kokyeeonn{at}
  2. 2Republic of Singapore Navy, 126, Tanah Merah Coast Road, AFPN 6060, Singapore S498822


The burgeoning global obesity epidemic extends to the military service, where 6 - 53% of military personnel are overweight. Obese military personnel who adhere to a strict training and diet regime may potentially achieve and maintain significant weight loss. They may however face physical problems such as excess skin folds causing discomfort, difficulty in uniform fitting, personal hygiene, interference with full physical activities and psychological issues such as body image dissatisfaction, low self esteem and difficulty in social acceptance. We present a case report of a highly motivated military conscript who achieved and maintained significant weight loss but had physical defects following Massive Weight Loss. Body contouring surgery was successfully utilised to correct his physical defects and allowed him to return to full physical duties.

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