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Management of a Wild Animal Bite in a Rabies Enzootic Area
  1. Dr John Ross, CMP, Medical Centre | Civilian Medical Practitioner1 and
  2. S Raitt, Senior Medical Officer2
  1. 1British Army Training Unit Kenya
  2. 2British Army Training Unit Kenya
  1. HQ BATUK, BFPO 10 +254 716 816 814 med_cmp{at}


The British Armed Forces of the 21st Century are trained and operate worldwide, often in places where rabies control is poor and prevalence may be high. Currently rabies is not a routine vaccination for all service personnel. Awareness of the risk of rabies, action to take post potential exposure, prompt access to clear management advice and reliable supplies of Rabies Immunoglobulin and Rabies Vaccination are critical. We describe the management of a recent case of animal bite in Kenya and discuss current recommendations.

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