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Medical provision in forward locations in Afghanistan: the experiences of General Duties Medical Officers on Op HERRICK 15
  1. Anne E Gumbley1,
  2. M A Claydon2,
  3. T N Blankenstein1 and
  4. T H Fell2
  1. 11 General Duties Medical Officer, 2 Medical Regiment, Haig Bks, Hohne, UK
  2. 22 General Duties Medical Officer, 1 Medical Regiment, York Bks, Munster, UK
  1. Correspondence to Maj Anne Gumbley, 37 Farmhill Park, Braddan, Isle of Man, IM2 2ED, UK; annegumbley{at}


Op HERRICK in Afghanistan remains the current focus of the British Armed Forces. General Duties Medical Officers (GDMOs) commonly deploy to Role 1 locations in Afghanistan, which remains a continuously evolving theatre of operations. This article is based on the experiences of four GDMOs who deployed to forward Company locations on Op HERRICK 15 (September 2011–April 2012) and aims to offer an insight into the challenges of this role and identify areas in which improvements could be made to the training and preparation for future tours.

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