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Teaching medical students to recognise their strengths and limitations in leadership, teamwork and communication by military led tutorials
  1. James Clark1,
  2. T Falconer Hall1 and
  3. K O'Mahony2
  1. 1Wales Universities’ Officer Training Corps, Maindy Barracks Cardiff, Cardiff, UK
  2. 2Field Hospital, Headquarter Squadron, 203 Field Hospital (v), Cardiff, UK
  1. Correspondence to James Clark, Wales Universities’ Officer Training Corps, Maindy Barracks Cardiff, 28 Tewkesbury Street, Cardiff CF24 4QQ, UK; clarkj6{at}


Objectives The General Medical Council has stipulated that greater importance must be placed on undergraduate students developing their ability to lead and work effectively as part of a team. Wales Universities’ Officer Training Corps have attempted to meet this requirement through a third year interactive tutorial which aims to encourage students to recognise their strengths and limitations in the six outcomes of leadership, teamwork, accountability, management, feedback and communication.

Methods 16 tutorial groups of 10–15 students were each led by one officer who divided the tutorial group into three teams. The teams worked on complex planning exercises with an intrateam constructive feedback discussion to raise students’ awareness of their strengths and limitations as individuals during the task, as perceived by others.

Results The student perception was that all six learning outcomes were achieved by the session. 163 students returned feedback questionnaires and learning outcomes 1–4 were felt to have been addressed effectively or very effectively by 90%, 91%, 90% and 86% respondents, respectively. The fifth and sixth outcomes were less well achieved with only 66% and 64% respondents agreeing that the outcomes were achieved effectively or very effectively.

Conclusions Students commended the instructor's demonstration of leadership and the novel teaching method but improvements could be made in reinforcing why these skills are important.

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