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Is emotional intelligence relevant to a fighting force?
  1. Emma K Daffey-Moore
  1. Correspondence to Sqn Ldr Emma K Daffey-Moore, Station Medical Centre, RAF Akrotiri, Akrotiri BFPO57, UK; emma.moore115{at}


Over the past decade, the expectations of what the fighting force are tasked to deal with has changed significantly. The high-risk, high-tempo operational environments in which personnel have deployed in recent years have been complex and diverse, creating a spectrum of conflict where having EI would be an essential attribute. EI could be beneficial for the organisation and the individuals involved, and historically, there has been a distinct lack of EI. For it to be better used within the military, the entire concept needs to be explored, accepted and integrated into training throughout the rank structure; from the recruitment process to throughout the career development with support from senior commanders. This article discusses the relevance of emotional intelligence (EI) to the British Armed Forces.

  • Emotional intelligence
  • Military
  • Psychology

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