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Novel adaptations of mindfulness in the UK Armed Forces during peacetime
  1. Ceri Bowen
  1. Defence Clinical Psychology Service, Aldershot, United Kingdom
  1. Correspondence to Dr Ceri Bowen, Department of Community Mental Health, Aldershot Centre for Health, Aldershot GU11 1AY, UK; mail{at}


Mindfulness approaches to promoting resilience and mental fitness within the UK Armed Forces have very recently emerged against a backdrop of studies from abroad, leading to a plethora of initiatives. These studies have used biological and cognitive markers of sustained attention and the human stress response, before and after training, in the period prior to deployment and made assertions of effectiveness on this basis. Progress has similarly been made in applying versions of mindfulness meditation to veteran patient groups with several difficult-to-treat conditions, to combat high dropout from services when little patient choice is offered. In short, a case has been made for offering mindfulness interventions as a further treatment option in combination with other approaches to maximise engagement with mental health services. Meanwhile, within the mindfulness literature more and more focus has been placed on ways to improve treatment fidelity and enhance teacher competency, and investment in teacher training is seen as essential for successful outcomes in any controlled trial.

  • mindfulness
  • military
  • PTSD
  • mental fitness
  • resilience
  • health promotion

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