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Operation RUMAN and the Ministry of Defence response to Hurricane Irma


Operation RUMAN was the British government’s combined military and humanitarian operations in September 2017 to provide relief to the British Overseas Territories in the Caribbean affected by Hurricane Irma. The Ministry of Defence (MoD), in conjunction with the Department for International Development, produced a tangible effect by the delivery of healthcare and a response to a humanitarian disaster with very little time for planning. The rescue element was accomplished within days but this was followed swiftly by a recovery phase requiring a ‘whole force approach’, with additional assets from non-governmental organisations and the private sector. The aim of this article is to provide information on the role of the Defence Medical Services on behalf of the MoD, and other departmental organisations in achieving the mission of providing medical and logistical support for these British Overseas Territories.

  • hurricane
  • IRMA
  • military
  • medical
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