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April 2024 - Volume 170 - 2

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  • Development and operation of the defence COVID-19 lab as a SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic screening capability for UK military personnel (25 July, 2022)
    Simon A Weller, S R Armstrong, S Bailey, H T Burnell, E L Burt, N E Cant, K R Cawthorne, M Chester, J E Choules, N A Coe, L Coward, V L Cox, E R Emery, C P Evans, A Finn, C M Halford, K A Hamblin, G V Harrison, M G Hartley, C Hudson, B James, H E Jones, E Keyser, C L Lonsdale, L E Marshall, C E Maule, J A Miles, S L Newstead, M Nicholls, C Osborne, A S Pearcy, L D Penny, R Perrot, P Rachwal, V Robinson, D Rushton, F M Stahl, S V Staplehurst, H L Stapleton, K Steeds, K Stephenson, I J Thompson, J E Thwaite, D O Ulaeto, N Waters, D J Wills, Z S Wills, C Rees, E J Hutley

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