Table 2

The 10-1-2 timeline

TimelineDefinition and implications
10 min—Enhanced first aidEnhanced first aid is those immediate life-saving measures that are applied by personnel trained in military first aid. Bleeding, airway control and administration of personal medical countermeasures for the most severely injured patients are to be achieved within 10 min of wounding (the so-called ‘platinum ten minutes’). For the UK setting, the 10 min is predominantly met by the use of Team Medic qualified personnel, although DMS medical personnel may be tactically located to support this requirement
1 h—Enhanced field care (EFC)EFC measures must be commenced by DMS medical personnel within 1 h of wounding
2 h—Damage control surgery (DCS) and Critical Care Unit supportPatients who require surgery should be under treatment in a facility manned and equipped for DCS (noting the complexity of injuries on operations). Depending on the specific and individual requirements, the aim is to be able to provide DCS within 1 h, but no later than 2 h of wounding. DCS should always be supported by Critical Care Unit support
  • DMS, Defence Medical Services.