Table 1

A statistical comparison of the differential rates of eye injury between ANSF and ISAF troops.

Total number=94ANSFISAFSignificance (p value)
Number in each group (n)5341
Eye protection040†0.0001
Eye injury2430.0001
Bilateral injury1100.0020
Corneal abrasion1310.0028
Globe penetration910.0390
Eyelid laceration800.0088
Retained FB010.4362
Facial fracture9 (17%)2 (4.8%)0.1056
Previous injury21†1.000
  • *Mounted for ISAF means enclosed armoured mine resistant vehicles such as Foxhound and Mastiff. The ANSF routinely mount on open flatbed vehicles such as the Ford Ranger or other civilian model pick-up trucks.

  • †The one ISAF soldier who was not recorded as wearing eye protection had also a similar previous contra-lateral injury.

  • ANSF, Afghan National Security Force; FB, foreign body; ISAF, International Security Assistance Force.