TableĀ 2

Material models used to represent anatomical structures within the latest iteration of the finite element neck model.

Anatomical structureMaterial models for densityDensity (g/cm3)Material models used
Spinal cordHuman spinal cord1.0316Human spinal cord16 17
Cortical boneHuman cortical bone1.85018 19Human cortical bone20
Cancellous boneHuman cancellous bone0.6521Human cancellous bone21
MuscleHuman muscle1.0622Bovine muscle14
SkinHuman skin1.0323Porcine skin24
Adipose tissueHuman fat0.9425Porcine fat26
Artery and vein wallsHuman artery wall1.0727Human artery28
BloodHuman blood1.0629Water15
NerveRat trigeminal nerve1.0330Human spinal cord16