Table 1

The threats of CBRNE3T in the all-hazards environment

ChemicalConventional chemical agent threats plus toxic industrial chemicals, riot control agents and chemical hazards derived from pharmaceuticals
BiologicalLive organisms, toxins and biological hazards deliberately employed to harm the Defence PAR
RadiologicalMaterial or events that release ionising (α, β, γ radiation and neutrons) and non-ionising radiation (including directed energy)
NuclearWeapons or events that result in nuclear fission/fusion reactions
Explosive (and ballistic)All consequences of explosive activity on human bodies including gunshot wounds, indirect fire, improvised explosive devices, shells and bombs
EnvironmentalEnvironmental conditions likely to cause harm such as heat, cold and altitude
EndemicInfectious diseases (biological agents of operational significance) that pose a hazard to the health of the Defence PAR that are not deliberately released
TraumaThe trauma element of non-battle injury threats to health in order to complement the explosive (and ballistic) threats that also cause injury
  • PAR, population at risk.