Table 1

Recently investigated interventions in management of severe traumatic brain injury (TBI)

DECRA3 Decompressive craniectomyWorse GOS in surgical group
RESCUEicp4 Decompressive craniectomyResults awaited
STASH5 Statins in SAHNo evidence of neuroprotection with statins in SAH
Epo Severe TBI6 ErythropoietinHb target 7 g/dL better than 10 g/dLFewer complications at Hb 7 g/dL
ProTECT7 ProgesteroneTrial stopped for futility
SyNAPSe8 ProgesteroneResults awaited
  • GOS, Glasgow Outcome Score; HB, haemoglobin; SAH, subarachnoid haemorrhage.