Table 3

Experimental studies investigating the effect of creatine supplementation on military personnel's exercise performance

Study (design)SubjectsDose and duration of creatine usedExercise methodBenefit
Ensign et al38 (DBPP)Navy Seals2420 g/day for 4 daysObstacle course, 3 runsNo
Bennett et al39 (DBPP)Military personnel1920 g/day for 6 days then 6 g/day for 28 daysMarch, 10 milesNo
Run, 5 milesNo
Pull-ups to exhaustionYes*
Warber et al40 (DBPP)Army soldiers1324 g/day for 5 daysObstacle course, 3 runsNo
Bench presses, 5× reps to exhaustionYes***
Baker-Fulco et al41 (DBPC)Active duty Army soldiers720 g/day for 7 days then 5 g/day for 7 daysStatic knee contractions, 2 trials to exhaustionNo
*Armentano et al42 (DBPP)Active duty Army soldiers3520 g/day for 7 daysPush-ups, 2 min,No
Koenig et al43 (SBPP)Recreational Athletes-Army6025 g/day for 5 daysStatic jump, 2×10 repsYes*
  • *Significance level at 0.05; ***significance level at 0.001.

  • DBPC, double-blind, placebo, crossover; DBPP, double blind, placebo controlled, parallel group; SBPP, single blind, placebo controlled, parallel group.