TableĀ 4

Survivor characteristics

Patient age, mechanism of injurySummary of injuriesNoticeable interventions
8, explosive UXOLaceration to right ventricle with cardiac tamponade, other peripheral fragmentation woundsClamshell thoracotomy
8, explosive IEDThoracic injuries, blast lung, high oesophageal injury, lower limb injuries, cerebral hypoxic injury due to hypoxaemia and hypotensionLaparotomy, tracheostomy
12, explosive IEDBilateral below-knee amputations, perineal injuries, pelvic fractures, lung contusionsLaparotomy for proximal control
12, explosive IEDAbdominal injuries including colon, bladder and vascular injuriesLaparotomy
  • IED, improvised explosive device; UXO, unexpected ordnance.