Table 3

Summary of the answers on the theory–case mix questions. The correct answers are in italics. The ‘don’t know’ option was added to eliminate wild guess bias.

1. Chain collision, possible contaminated patients
Isolate in distal corner7.5%
Put them in waiting room20%
Put them in garage5%
Wait separately outside67.5%
No action, instead hide0%
2. Iodine tablets protect against
External radiation15%
Internal radiation42.5%
Both external and internal10%
No radiation protection at all17.5%
Don't know15%
3. The regulator means
Operational leader of overall disaster management7.5%
Controlling arriving ambulances7.5%
Field hospital supplies2.5%
Deciding which patients go where25%
Don't know57.5%
4. Postman with necrotic lesions on his hands, possible diagnosis 
New chemical product in post handling17.5%
Possible anthrax infection50%
Don't know25%
5. First step in chemical decontamination 
Oral antidote2.5%
Antidote body smear20%
Antidote spray special military cabin32.5%%
Wash with water and soap7.5%
Don't know37.5%
6. What limits radiation damage the most? 
Protective clothing2.5%
Fast decontamination2.5%
Oral iodine tablets2.5%
Limit time of exposure, increase distance and shielding90%
Don't know2.5%
7. Two most important objects to take along in evacuation (more than 1 possible) 
ID/health insurance cards80%
Six-pack of beer5%
Normally used medication7.5%
Photo of loved one2.5%
None of the above12.5%
Don't know0%
8. Superficial cuts and first degree burns after an explosion at a student party, go to 
Nearest hospital20%
Nearest hospital with burn unit10%
Home (recover and sleep)12.5%
Hospital ED further away57.5%
Don't know0%
9. First step in nuclear decontamination 
Shower patient25%
Administer iodine tablets10%
Take off clothes and shoes47.5%
Put on lead apron2.5%
Don't know15%
10. Traffic accident with 2 trucks (one leaking tanker) and 2 victims, what to do? 
Stop, call 112 and help lying victim10%
Stop, call 112 and help limping victim2.5%
Stop at safe distance and wait for clearance fire brigade87.5%
Drive by and call 112 at hospital0%
Act as if nothing happened0%