Table 2

Mean scores on the 0–10 Visual Analogue Scale on the theoretical–practical case mix test, self-estimated knowledge, self-estimated capability and willingness to work in the listed disaster situations compared with the figures of the senior civilian medical students

Mean test score5.52/104.34/10*
Knowledge nuclear incidents3.97/101.81/10*
Knowledge chemical incidents4.05/102.19/10*
Knowledge biological incidents3.75/102.09/10*
Knowledge influenza pandemic4.55/104.61/10 ns
Knowledge Ebola outbreak4.1/102.79/10*
Capability nuclear incident3.02/101.61/10*
Capability chemical incident3.32/102.05/10*
Capability biological incident3.1/101.99/10*
Capability influenza pandemic4.29/104.3/10 ns
Capability Ebola outbreak3.23/102.55/10*
Willing to work on nuclear incident7.1/107.11/10 ns
Willing to work on chemical incident7.25/107.48/10 ns
Willing to work on biological incident7.0/107.36/10 ns
Willing to work on influenza pandemics7.15/107.7/10 ns
Willing to work Ebola outbreak7.1/107.03/10 ns
  • *p<0.05.

  • ns, not significant.