Table 2

Criteria for enhanced risk of heat illness, by categorical response

Intrinsic risk factorsRelated questionResponse indicating no enhanced riskResponse indicating enhanced risk
Low level of fitnessHow do you judge your fitness at the moment?Moderately Fit or
Trained or
Well Trained
Unfit or Inactive
Low frequency of physical exerciseHow many times a week do you undertake physical exercise lasting at least 45 min?≥3 times/week<3 times/week
High BMI, high % body fat massWhat is your BCM category, if known?No increased health riskIncreased Risk or
High Risk or
Very High Risk or Extreme Risk
Dehydration, nutritional deficit, sleep deprivationWhile training, have you felt dehydrated/hungry/sleep deprived?Not At All or
Some of the Times
Most of the Time or Always
Intercurrent IllnessHave you continued training while feeling unwell (eg, cold/diarrhoea) during this exercise?NoYes
  • BCM, body composition measurement; BMI, body mass index.