Table 4

Coefficients and p values from multiple linear regression analysis* of K-10 scores when female military personnel experienced sexual harassment according to marital status, rank, service classification and length of service

βSEp Value
Marital statusMarried−2.5001.5740.1187
Non-commissioned officer3.1761.9750.1098
Service classificationLong-term military service0.6681.9890.7378
Short-term military service12.0145.3420.0269
Extended military service4.6662.2090.0385
Length of service (years)≤211.0674.5120.0159
  • *Adjusted for age, education, marital status, dependent children, military type, branch, rank, service classification, length of service, workplace, work hours per week, stress from immediate superior, physical activities and weight fluctuation.

  • K-10, Kessler Psychological Distress Scale 10.