TableĀ 1

Inclusion and exclusion criteria

ParametersInclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
  • Female participants who have been in the forces

  • Female participants who are now post forces

  • No age restrictions

  • Participants who are male

  • Females on deployment

  • Physical health related

Study type
  • Peer-reviewed, primary research studies

  • Qualitative studies

  • Theoretical papers, editorials, commentaries, book chapters, dissertations or thesis, and grey literature

  • Quantitative and mixed method studies

  • Studies that report the psychological well-being of female veterans post forces

  • Studies that report individuals' experiences of transitioning and adjusting from the forces to civilian life

  • Studies that do not focus female veterans post forces, experiences of transitioning

  • Not focused on female veteransā€™ psychological well-being post forces

  • Limited focus on female veterans in a large-scale study

Publication status
  • Published studies

  • No date limitations

  • Unpublished studies as they may well be of lower methodological quality

Country of originStudies conducted in any country are eligible
LanguageEnglish languageNot English language