Scoringn (±SD)n (±SD)
PATI17.4 (±13.2)13.6 (±10.4)0.058
ISS13.8 (±8.2)12.5 (±8.0)0.208
AIS-abdomen3.3 (±0.8)3.0 (±1.0) 0.045
AIS-chest0.67 (±1.2)0.56 (±1.1)0.431
  • Statistical comparison is made using Χ2 test for categorical variables and unpaired t-test for numerical variables.

  • AIS, abbreviated injury scale; DCS, damage control surgery; GSW, gunshot wound; ISS, injury severity score; LB, large bowel; PATI, penetrating abdominal trauma index; SB, small bowel; SW, stab wound.

  •  Values in bold are statistically significant at the 5% level