Table 1

Comparison with data published by other peacekeeping medical facilities

LebanonLebanon7 Lebanon8 Sudan9 Sudan10 East Timor11 Cambodia8
LocationMiddle EastMiddle EastMiddle EastAfricaAfricaSouth-eastern AsiaSouth-eastern Asia
ClimateMediterraneanMediterraneanMediterraneanSavannahSavannahTropical rainforestTropical rainforest
Period studiedJanuary 2018 to May 2019April 2007 to September 2014June 1992 to July 2001March 2014 to February 2015January 2010 to January 2011September 1999 to February 2000March 1992 to September 1993
Patients, n5491658160542438193278
Mean age353230.534
Percentage of men (%)87.49177.393.2100
Disease category (%)
 Dermatitis and eczema27.12744.438.721.9*16.1†8.6
 Cutaneous mycoses13.81516.222.51023.378.5
 Bacterial skin infection9.331015.57.9
 Viral skin disease7.51111.93.56.817.1
 Acne vulgaris6.6410.76.61
 Benign neoplasm5.1511.93.31
 Disorders of pigmentation2.718.7‡0
  • *Lichen simplex chronicus (7.1%), asteatotic eczema (2.7%), seborrhoeic eczema (2.5%) and unspecified dermatitis (9.6%) were added together.

  • †Contact dermatitis (9.3%), seborrhoeic dermatitis (1.6%) and non-specific dermatitis (5.2%) were added together.

  • ‡Melasma (6.2%) and dermatosis papulosa nigra (2.5%) were added together.

  • STD, sexually transmitted disease.