Table 2

Examples of commonly described CMRels and relevant extracts from their definitions, grouped according to overarching type

Overarching type and key characteristicsExemplar CMRel in useCharacteristics as they appear in the definition
Military-led Civil-Military Coordination:
  • primarily serves military and/or national security objectives

NATO CIMICThe coordination and cooperation, in support of the mission, between the NATO Commander and civil actors.39
US Civil Military Operations (CMO)The activities performed by military forces to establish, maintain, influence or exploit relationships between military forces and indigenous populations and institutions (IPI). CMO support US objectives for host nation (HN) and regional stability.38
Canada CIMIC/COCIMThe coordination and cooperation, in support of a mission, between the military and civil actors.40
UK Defence EngagementTo prevent conflict, build stability and gain influence. (It) projects influence, promotes our prosperity and helps to protect our people …in short, it is vital to UK interests.41
Civil-Military Healthcare Engagement
  • emphasises health benefits as a primary outcome

US DoD Global Health EngagementPromote and enhance PN stability and security; develop military and civilian PN capacity; build trust, confidence and resilience; share information; coordinate mutual activities and maintain influence.59
Global Health Security
(GloHSA defn)
To establish resilient health systems in order to promote peace and security for all. (Emphasises) the interconnectedness between security and health, requiring a multisectoral approach.29
Global Health Security AgendaTo help create a world safe and secure from infectious disease threats…GHSA pursues a multilateral and multisectoral approach to strengthen both the global capacity and nations capacity to prevent, detect and respond to human and animal infectious diseases.60
Civilian-led Civil-Military Coordination
  • emphasises the primacy of civilian objectives and leadership

UN Civil Military CoordinationThe essential dialogue and interaction between civilian and military actors…that is necessary to protect and promote humanitarian principles, avoid competition, minimise inconsistency and, when appropriate, pursue common goals.18
  • CMRel, Civil-Military Relationships; DoD, Department of Defense; GHSA, Global Health Security Agenda; NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization.