Table 2

Pre-intervention and post-intervention measures for pain, disability and physical function

SSGE (n=63)GGE (n=40)P values
 Mean NPRS pre course4.63±2.315.17±2.000.800
 Mean NPRS post course3.33±2.321.81±2.140.907
 Mean NPRS change−1.20±1.99−2.71±2.350.018
 Mean ODI pre course21.9±11.422.7±9.80.761
 Mean ODI post course17.6±11.119.4±100.322
 Mean ODI change−4±8.5−3.6±5.70.649
SSGE (n=60) GGE (n=40)
Physical function
 Mean Mod-MSFT pre course*141.8±51.7138.4±63.20.867
 Mean Mod-MSFT post course*171.5±54.4166.7±58.10.725
 Mean Mod-MSFT change*29.7±31.728.4±30.80.792
  • Data presented as mean±SD.

  • *Number of individual shuttles of 10 m.

  • GGE, general group exercise; Mod-MSFT, Modified Multi-Stage Fitness Test; ODI, Oswestry Disability Index; SSGE. specific spinal group exercise.