Table 8

The most used keywords of military medical literature by decades

Keywords (total link strength)
Rank 1988–1997 1998–2007 2008–2017 1988–2017
 1.Military medicine (35)Military medicine (211)Military (2097)Military (1867)
 2.Epidemiology (22)Military personnel (157)Veteran(s) (592)Veteran(s) (1348)
 3.Military personnel (16)Veteran(s) (125)Post-traumatic stress disorder (291)Post-traumatic stress disorder (826)
 4.Picture Archiving and Communication System (16)Epidemiology (108)Mental health (274)Military personnel (659)
 5.HIV/AIDS (12)Persian Gulf syndrome (68)Trauma (274)Military medicine (459)
 6.Stress (9)Obesity (53)Military personnel (267)Trauma (630)
 7.Teleradiology (17)Post-traumatic stress disorder (53)Military medicine (232)Mental health (625)
 8.Mortality (10)Prevalence (53)Depression (224)Epidemiology (429)
 9.Race (9)Trauma (51)Epidemiology (210)Depression (627)
 10.Manpower (43)Hospitalisation (49)Traumatic brain injury (197)Traumatic brain injury (421)
 11.Adolescents (7)Morbidity (46)Combat (166)Combat (485)
 12.History (3)Wounds (46)Deployment (145)War (326)
 13.Critical care (12)Smoking (45)Suicide (130)Deployment (341)
 14.Surgery (12)Risk factors (44)War (125)Suicide (301)
 15.Marshall Islands (9)Mental health (38)Risk factors (104)Risk factors (245)
 16.Veterans (9)Body mass index (37)Resilience (99)Stress (260)
 17.War (5)War (37)Rehabilitation (99)Rehabilitation (233)
 18.Medical imaging (13)Combat (36)Afghanistan (84)Resilience (204)
 19.Filmless radiology (11)Environmental exposure (36)Treatment (82)Treatment (175)
 20.Telemedicine (8)Mortality (33)Mortality (78)Afghanistan (225)