Table 6

The top 20 countries publishing in military medical literature by decades between 1988 and 2017 (source: Web of Science Core Collection database)

RankCountries (%)
1USA (51.15)USA (63.33)USA (64.31)USA (55.64)USA (56.63)
2France (11.88)Israel (3.64)UK (5.52)UK (7.4)UK (2.94)
3UK (2.31)France (3.58)Israel (3.57)China (5.24)China (2.8)
4West Germany (1.32)UK (3.4)Germany (3.4)Canada (3.33)Canada (2.66)
5Israel (0.99)Germany (2.47)Turkey (2.63)Germany (2.88)Israel (2.58)
6Switzerland (0.99)Canada (1.64)Australia (2.15)Australia (2.84)France (2.51)
7Canada (0.66)Australia (1.35)Canada (2.06)India (2.71)Germany (2.4)
8Sweden (0.66)Croatia (0.88)France (1.91)France (2.67)Australia (2.28)
9USSR (0.66)Sweden (0.88)China (1.42)Israel (2.19)Sweden (1.3)
10Argentina (0.33)Norway (0.82)Sweden (1.18)Turkey (2.08)Turkey (1.22)
11Finland (0.33)Finland (0.7)Finland (1)South Korea (1.41)India (1.2)
12Netherlands (0.33)Italy (0.7)Italy (0.9)Italy (1.3)Italy (1.09)
13South Africa (0.33)Saudi Arabia (0.7)Netherlands (0.8)Netherlands (1.21)Netherlands (1.06)
14Yugoslavia (0.33)Switzerland (0.65)Denmark (0.7)Sweden (1.2)South Korea (1.03)
15Ivory Coast (0.33)Denmark (0.59)South Korea (0.63)Poland (1.1)Finland (0.96)
16Japan (0.47)Switzerland (0.59)Pakistan (1)Brazil (0.85)
17Netherlands (0.47)Norway (0.57)Brazil (0.96)Japan (0.69)
18Russia (0.47)Poland (0.55)Serbia (0.92)Norway (0.67)
19Egypt (0.411)Japan (0.5)Finland (0.86)Russia (0.65)
20South Africa (0.411)Austria (0.48)Spain (0.76)Switzerland (0.63)