Table 4

Summary of dental equipment noise measurements compared with Control of Noise at Work regulations

ProcessLCpk (dB)LAeq (dB)LCeq (dB)Time to
LEAV (h)
Time to
UEAV (h)
High speed79.367.466.7>24>24
Low speed81.564.864.2>24>24
Dry suction84.671.172.0>24>24
Wet suction92.375.975.920.6>24
Ultrasonic bath90.369.669.2>24>24
Ultrasonic scaler93.175.374.023.6>24
Vibrating table101.583.586.93.611.3
  • LAeq, A-weighted equivalent continuous level; LCeq, C-weighted equivalent continuous level; LCpk, Peak noise level - C weighting; LEAV, lower exposure action value; UEAV, upper exposure action value.