Table 2

Effects of physical fitness performance on the components of metabolic syndrome with the use of the mixed-effects model

VariableSystolic blood pressureDiastolic blood pressureWaist circumferenceTriglyceridesFasting glucoseHDL cholesterol
ß*P valueß*P valueß*P valueß*P valueß*P valueß*P value
# of sit-ups in 2 min−0.110.003−0.060.309−0.020.231−0.410.048−0.070.0030.16<0.001
# of push-ups in 2 min0.040.3530.010.240−0.05<0.001−0.120.626−0.010.7810.070.110
Running speed (km/hour)−0.220.543−0.120.239−0.42<0.001−11.37<0.001−0.510.0542.14<0.001
  • *Adjusted for age, sex, smoking, alcohol drinking and body mass index (in 2011).

  • HDL, high-density lipoprotein.