Table 2

Overview of main themes and categories detected per country (categorical overview)

ARecognition of health security threat from coronavirus spread in WuhanNNYNNN
BDetection and announcement of first cases as reported through military health functionNNYYYY
CInvocation or announcement of national crisis, plans and/or military involvementYYYYYY
C1Invocation of national crisis response planningYYNYNY
C2Declaration of military in support of national responseYYYNYN
C3Allocation of military capability to national responseYYYYYN
DHow military support was incorporated into national crisis response
D1Military support to national health systemYYYYYY
D2Military support to wider public systemsYYYYYY
D3Military support to repatriation and/or medical evacuation effortsYYYYYN
EHow the military modified its activitiesYYYYYY
E1Protection of core military capability by modifying activitiesYYYYYY
E2Reduction of internal military activitiesYNNYYY
E3Reduction of external military activitiesYNYYYY
FDealing with rumours/allegations related to COVID-19NYYYYN
GOther—military and COVID-19YYYYYN
  • Y, Detected.

  • N, Not detected.