Table 1

Dietary sources of vitamin D

FoodVitamin D content (μg per 100 g/100 mL)
Fish and shellfish
 Grilled herring16.1
 Canned pink salmon in brine13.6
 Grilled salmon7.8
 Smoked mackerel8.2
 Tinned sardines in tomato sauce3.3
Milk and milk products
 Build up powdered sachet (shake)1.7
 Fortified soy milk0.8
 Skimmed milk, dried0.8
 Horlicks, powder18.5
Animal products
 Lamb leg, roast0.7
 Beef, roast0.8
 Corned beef, canned1.3
 Grilled back bacon rashers0.8
 Grilled pork sausage1.1
Cereals and spreads
 Fortified, low-fat spread, polyunsaturated8.4
 Baking fat/margarine8.8
 Bran-type cereal, fortified3.9
 Breakfast cereal, cornflakes, fortified4.7
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