Table 2

Overview of main themes and categories detected per country (categorical overview)

ARecognition of health security threat from coronavirus spread in Wuhan N N Y N N N
BDetection and announcement of first cases as reported through military health function N N YYYY
CInvocation or announcement of national crisis, plans and/or military involvementYYYYYY
C1Invocation of national crisis response planningYY N Y N Y
C2Declaration of military in support of national responseYYY N Y N
C3Allocation of military capability to national responseYYYYY N
DHow military support was incorporated into national crisis response
D1Military support to national health systemYYYYYY
D2Military support to wider public systemsYYYYYY
D3Military support to repatriation and/or medical evacuation effortsYYYYY N
EHow the military modified its activitiesYYYYYY
E1Protection of core military capability by modifying activitiesYYYYYY
E2Reduction of internal military activitiesY N N YYY
E3Reduction of external military activitiesY N YYYY
FDealing with rumours/allegations related to COVID-19 N YYYY N
GOther—military and COVID-19YYYYY N
  • Y, Detected.

  • N, Not detected.