Table 1

Summary of the framework for military health systems

1National context and summary for military health systemsBrief description of the country, its military system and its military health system.
2Organisational relationshipsLeadership and governance of the MHS.
3The firm base health systemCommunity-based services within military garrisons (primary medical care, dental care, physical rehabilitation and mental health) and hospital services.
3.1Healthcare beneficiariesList of all beneficiaries of the MHS for example, armed forces personnel, families, retirees, VIPs and so on.
3.2Medical research and innovationOrganisations and relationships for research in military healthcare and armed forces personnel.
4Operational capabilitiesCapabilities of the MHS to treat and transfer casualties from military operations from point of injury through different levels of care back to the home nation.
4.1Overseas and operational deploymentsBreadth and scale of overseas/operational commitments.
4.2Collaborations and alliancesParticipation of the MHS in international healthcare collaborations and alliances.
5Military medical personnelProfessional categories and numbers of personnel in the MHS (including civilians).
5.1Military medical recruitmentMethod of recruiting personnel for the MHS, including scholarships and other incentives.
5.2Military medical training and educationArrangements for career development of military health personnel: military training and healthcare professional education.
6Civil–military relationsArrangements for collaboration between the civilian and military health systems, including in crisis.
7History and cultureCultural and historical features of a MHS that create a sense of unity, identity and loyalty.
  • MHS, military health system.