Table 3

Item difficulties and item thresholds per subscale, three response options

DifficultyThreshold 1Threshold 2
Consistency of interests
 Item 11.360.502.21
 Item 30.10−0.851.04
 Item 5−0.13−1.090.83
 Item 70.60−0.121.32
 Item 9−0.40−1.490.69
Perseverance of effort
 Item 20.39−0.891.67
 Item 4−0.28−1.891.33
 Item 60.52−0.871.91
 Item 80.62−1.062.30
 Item 101.25−0.302.79
  • Thresholds represent the location on the logit scale of the latent dimension were each adjacent response category becomes the highest probability to solve—or to be chosen. Item difficulties are the average threshold, which also can be seen in the person-item maps (Figure 3A,B).