Table 1

Description of sample

Variable, n (%)Sample (N=275)
 Female14 (5.1)
 Male261 (94.9)
Age, mean (SD)47.8 (11.1)
 Royal Navy33 (12.0)
 Army211 (76.7)
 Royal Air Force31 (11.3)
Relationship status
 In a relationship181 (67.0)
 Not in a relationship89 (33.0)
Living arrangements
 Living with others168 (72.4)
 Living alone64 (27.6)
Employment status prior to COVID-19 pandemic
 Working140 (60.3)
 Not working92 (39.7)
Self-reported probable COVID-19 infection53 (22.8)
Experienced a bereavement related to COVID-1935 (15.1)
  • Frequencies may not be up to N=275 due to missing values.