Table 1

Multivariate logistic regression statistical modelling variables

NEW admissionsRECENT patients (≤1 hour)EXIST patients (>1 hour)FACILITY factors
AgeAge ≥65Age ≥65Day/night shift
Prehospital GCS scoreAdmission GCS <8Admission GCS <8Weekday/weekend
Prehospital SI (HR/SBP)Admission SI ≥0.9Admission SI ≥0.9TRU occupancy ≥12
Prehospital HR# of RECENT patients# of EXIST patientsTRU occupancy ≥14
Prehospital SBPTRU occupancy ≥16
  • EXIST, existing patients; GCS, Glasgow Coma Scale score; HR, heart rate; NEW, new trauma admissions; RECENT, recent admissions; SBP, systolic blood pressure; SI, Shock Index; TRU, Trauma Resuscitation Unit.