Table 1

Defence Primary Health Care (DPHC) clinical staff research priorities for 2020

Rating orderResearch topicScore
Scoring high or very high priority (%)
1 Rehabilitation Outcomes
Examples: clinical vs PROM vs occupational outcomes; validity of military-specific outcomes (eg, the FAA);
measurement of muscle strength in rehabilitation.
2 Psychological Factors in Rehabilitation
Examples: patient motivation; adherence to exercise; mental health issues in rehabilitation.
3 Residential/Inpatient Treatment Paradigm
Examples: periodisation of programme, monitoring training load, physical activity levels, acute: chronic workloads, heart rate variability, optimal training dose and duration, metabolic cost.
4 Injury (MSKI) Prevention
Examples: occupational and biomechanical risk factors for MSKI; prevention of training injuries.
5 Recovery Strategies in Rehabilitation
Examples: sleep hygiene; nutrition strategies, protein supplementation, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and immunity.
6 Hip Pain
Examples: diagnosis; optimum treatment of intra-articular vs extra-articular hip pathology; surgical vs conservative management of FAIS; source of pain.
7 Low Back Pain
Examples: efficacy of cognitive behavioural therapy and cognitive functional therapy; chronic vs acute care; diagnosis and optimum treatment in young adults; exercise efficacy.
8 Novel and Innovative Treatments
Examples: blood flow restriction therapy; mindfulness in rehabilitation; virtual reality rehabilitation.*
- Lifestyle Factors in Rehabilitation
Examples: Physical inactivity (sedentary roles); smoking and alcohol consumption; sleep quality; healthy eating behaviours; obesity and cardiometabolic health.
New priority topic 2020
- Pain Management in Rehabilitation
Examples: acute vs persistent pain management; pain education; training load monitoring; pain response to exercise.
New priority topic 2020
- Anterior Knee Pain
Examples: optimal loading (monitoring and progressions); diagnosis; treatment outcome measurement; origin of pain.
New priority topic 2020
  • *DMRC Stanford Hall specific research priority (only DMRC staff noted this as a priority).

  • DMRC, Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre; FAA, functional activity assessment; FAIS, femoroacetabular impingement syndrome; MSKI, musculoskeletal injury; PROM, patient-reported outcome measure.