Table 1

Summary of Defence Clinical Lab sample numbers and results

Total number of tests72 388
Total number of public health samples43
Total number of public SARS-COV-2 RNA detected results6
Total number of military samples72 233
Total number of military SARS-COV-2 RNA detected results600
Total number of military indeterminate* results173
Total number of military void† results64
Total number of Dstl research (non-human) samples82
Total number of external quality assessment samples30
  • *Results where two tests did not allow a confirmed SARS-CoV-2 RNA detected result (based on the E-gene and confirmatory PCR Cq thresholds used at that time).

  • †Results where two tests resulted in two inhibited results (based on MS2 internal control PCR Cq thresholds used at that time). Reported as indeterminate during operation.

  • Cq, quantitation cycle; Dstl, Defence Science and Technology Laboratory.