Table 2

Attitude and perceived barriers to mental healthcare*

Attitude and perceived barriersnStrongly disagreeDisagreeNeither agree nor disagreeAgreeStrongly agreeχ2 P value
1. I do not trust mental health professionals6469026920275105.8740.209
Willing to seek help57386239174659
Not willing to seek help7343028101
2. Mental healthcare does not work64812735513628210.7530.029
Willing to seek help573119316115212
Not willing to seek help758392170
3. Members of my unit might have less confidence in me6471142161341661712.8770.012
Willing to seek help57210519611614411
Not willing to seek help7592018226
4. My unit leadership might treat me differently649114208130173247.1760.127
Willing to seek help57410618911314620
Not willing to seek help7581917274
5. It would harm my career6476014899294463.6720.452
Willing to seek help572531328226441
Not willing to seek help7571617305
6. I do not know where to get help648952631111562320.187<0.001
Willing to seek help573892439812617
Not willing to seek help7562013306
7. Mental healthcare costs too much money64782263175105229.7710.044
Willing to seek help572762401528717
Not willing to seek help7562323185
8. There would be difficulty getting time off work for treatment648742571101624516.1010.003
Willing to seek help573702389313735
Not willing to seek help75419172510
9. I do not have adequate transportation649832921141243617.0630.002
Willing to seek help574802679710129
Not willing to seek help7532517237
10. It is difficult to schedule an appointment648782062271082910.3500.035
Willing to seek help573731882008725
Not willing to seek help7551827214
11. It would be too embarrassing648872831391241529.272<0.001
Willing to seek help57383255128989
Not willing to seek help7542811266
12. I would be seen as weak64810137411155722.546<0.001
Willing to seek help5739733695405
Not willing to seek help7543816152
  • *Data excluded missing values.