Table 3

Correlations between the VISA-A scores and UTC-typing at baseline, during follow-up after 26 weeks and with regard to the change scores

VISA-A baselineVISA-A follow-upVISA-A difference
Mid-portion baseline ET1+2ρ=0.166, sig. (two-tailed) 0.306
Mid-portion follow-up ET1+2ρ=0.046, sig. (two-tailed) 0.778
Mid-portion difference ET1+2ρ=−0.013, sig. (two-tailed) 0.935
Mid-portion baseline ET3+4ρ=−0.173, sig. (two-tailed) 0.287
Mid-portion follow-up ET3+4ρ=−0.048, sig. (two-tailed) 0.769
Mid-portion difference ET3+4ρ=0.018, sig. (two-tailed) 0.912
AoMD baseline ET1+2ρ=0.131, sig. (two-tailed) 0.422
AoMD follow-up ET1+2ρ=0.150, sig. (two-tailed) 0.354
AoMD difference ET1+2ρ=0.024, sig. (two-tailed) 0.882
AoMD baseline ET3+4ρ=−0.126 sig. (two-tailed) 0.422
AoMD follow-up ET3+4ρ=−0.137, sig. (two-tailed) 0.398
AoMD difference ET3+4ρ=−0.024, sig. (two-tailed) 0.885
  • AoMD, area of maximum degeneration (one slide in the Achilles tendon mid-portion with the lowest representation of ET I); ET, echo-type; sig., significance; UTC, ultrasound tissue characterisation; VISA-A, Victorian Institute of Sports Assessment-Achilles questionnaire; ρ, Spearman’s rho.