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Psychological resilience and post-traumatic growth in disaster-exposed organisations: overview of the literature
Brooks, Samantha; Amlot, R.; Rubin, G. J.; Greenberg, N.

Understanding the needs of veterans seeking support for mental health difficulties
Murphy, Dominic; Busuttil, W.

UK military veteran-friendly GP practices
Simpson, Robin G.; Leach, J.

Veteran help-seeking behaviour for mental health issues: a systematic review
Randles, Rebecca; Finnegan, A.

Lessons identified from the 2017 Manchester and London terrorism incidents. Part 1: introduction and the prehospital phase
Hunt, Paul

Prediction of venous thromboembolism using clinical and serum biomarker data from a military cohort of trauma patients
Bradley, Matthew; Shi, A.; Khatri, V; Schobel, S.; Silvius, E.; Kirk, A.; Buchman, T.; Oh, J.; Elster, E.

Lessons identified from the 2017 Manchester and London terrorism incidents. Part 3: the postincident and recovery phase
Hunt, Paul

Myanmar’s coup d’etat and its impact on COVID-19 response: a collapsing healthcare system in a state of turmoil
Rocha, Ian Christopher; Cedeno, T. D.; Pelayo, M. G.; Ramos, K.; Victoria, H. O. H.

National Health Service interventions in England to improve care to Armed Forces veterans
Bacon, Andrew; Martin, E.; Swarbrick, R.; Treadgold, A.

Postservice lower limb amputation in Scottish military veterans
Bergman, Beverly P.; Mackay, D. F.; Pell, J. P.

Running to breaking point? The relationship between 1.5-mile run time and injury risk in female recruits during British Army basic training
Heller, Rosalie; Stammers, H.

Lessons identified from the 2017 Manchester and London terrorism incidents. Part two: the reception and definitive care (hospital) phases
Hunt, Paul

Nerve agents: emergency preparedness
Weir, Alan George Andrew; Makin, S.; Breeze, J.

Novel equipment used in the UK Role 2 medical treatment facility as part of Operation TRENTON in South Sudan
Ralph, James; Hutley, E. J.; Nordmann, G.

Balloons on the battlefield: REBOA implementation in the UK Defence Medical Services
Marsden, Max E. R.; Buckley, A. M.; Park, C.; Tai, N.; Rees, P.

Being a woman, being a soldier, being a mother: a qualitative analysis of perceptions of pregnancy on working lives of women in the Spanish Armed Forces
Hossain-Lopez, Sheima; Ruiz-Berdun, D.

Understanding the structure of a country’s health service providers for defence health engagement
Bricknell, Martin; Hinrichs-Krapels, S.; Ismail, S.; Sullivan, R.

Mission command: applying principles of military leadership to the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) crisis
Pearce, A. Phill; Naumann, D. N.; O’Reilly, D.

Manchester Arena bombing: lessons learnt from a mass casualty incident
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Case series of coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) in a military recruit school: clinical, sanitary and logistical implications
Baettig, Sascha J.; Parini, A.; Cardona, I; Morand, G. B.