Below are links to the BMJ Military Health Webinars. Please note, it can take up to 4 weeks for a webinar to uploaded after the live session.

Medics (Combat Medical Technician, RAF Medics and Medical Assistants)

This series of webinars will focus on all aspects of the medics scope of practice. These webinars along with a valid reflection can be used to evidence competencies. Each webinar is delivered by a registered Health care professional or senior medic/pharmacy technician. The webinars are pitched at a level where they can act as teaching sessions for new medics or revision for senior medics. Each webinar lasts around 45 minutes. This series should be of particular interest to medics, students health care professionals and those with an interest in military medicine.
Teaching Taking Observations
Reflective Practice

Health Care Professionals

This series of webinars covers clinical, leadership and innovation topics that are encountered by military health care professionals during training and beyond. There are some topics that will be of interest to all staff in the Defence Medical Services, but it should be noted that the clinical scope of practice in these talks are aimed at the level of a UK General Duties Medical Officer ( ie SHO equivalent in the NHS) and above. Each 30 to 45 minute webinar is delivered by an expert in the field and contains some of the most up to date practice at the time of recording. Topics are very varied and contain aspects on the wide scope of practice of a military clinician. This series should be of particular interest to those health care professionals with an interest in remote healthcare, military medicine, innovation and management.
Setting up the Nightingale
ABC of Ophthalmology
Palliative Care during COVID-19